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GE Vivid E95 Ultrasound Machine


The GE Vivid E95 Ultrasound Machine introduces new AI-based technology to help reduce tedious tasks and improved workflow. The GE Vivid E95 Ultrasound Machine is a premium 4D cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to help you reach new heights of care efficiency and effectiveness.

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GE Vivid E95

The GE Vivid E95 Ultrasound Machine is one of the most high-powered cardiovascular imaging machines currently available. The Vivid e95 machines come equipped with the tools needed to streamline your workflow and provide the data necessary for confident diagnoses! And by using the GE Vivid e95 transducer guide, you can better understand your system and the probes it needs for the services you want to provide.

The GE Vivid E95 and the Vivid E90 are GE’s new premium cardiovascular systems upgraded from the GE Vivid E9, and empowered by GE’s new cSound software beamformer and image reconstuction platform. Along with new cSound plaform, another major improvement of the GE Vivid E95 and the Vivid E90 over the Vivid E9 are 3 XDclear transducers, namely the M5Sc-D, the C2-9-D, and the C1-6-D who each add enhanced resolution, sensitivity and penetration (up to 50 cm).

Though the Matrix 4D and Matrix 4D TEE transducers seem identical to those of the Vivid E9, the newly added dedicated beamforming software on the GE Vivid E95 provides a much improved 4D cardiac capability. By combining cSound and the M5Sc XDclear transducer, the operator can expect greatly improved 2D and Doppler cardiac images.

The GE Vivid E95 Ultrasound Machine is one of the few systems that integrates a large 22″ high-resolution OLED monitor. The OLED monitor offers a better clarity and resolution and is part of the next generation of monitors beyond LCD. In addition, the larger 12″ LCD touchscreen will provide the operator with a more comfortable and efficient workflow. The range of transducers offered by the GE Vivid E95 is almost similar to the Vivid E9, with the exception of a high frequency linear transducer, which will soon be added to fully cover vascular applications.

If 4D echocardiography is a reason for choosing the GE Vivid E95, then the Philips EPIQ 7 is also a great option to consider. Though it has a smaller Matrix 4D Volume transducer, it bolsters a longer proven period of 4D echocardiography. If 4D echocardiography is not a reason for purchasing a premium cardiac system, then the GE Vivid E90 can be an alternative option. Besides the machine offering a 4D option, the two systems are the same. Also, if considering the price and system reliabilty, the GE’s factory-refurbished Vivid E9 with a 4D package can be a great option as well.

Dimensions and Weight
Width544 mm, 21 3/4″
Depth844 mm, 33 1/4″
Height1230 mm – 1670 mm, 48 3/8″ – 65 3/4″ (up/down mechanism + LCD arm)
Weight126 kg , 278 lbs
Electrical power
Nominal input voltage100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Typical power consumption500 W @ default cardiac preset with M5Sc
Rated power consumption700 W
Infinite number of effective channels
Minimum field-of-view range (depth)0 – 2 cm (zoom) (probe dependent)
Maximum field-of-view range (depth)0 – 50 cm (probe dependent)
Width range10 – 120 degrees
Continuous dynamic receive focus/continuous dynamic receive aperture
Continuous dynamic transmit focus
Adjustable dynamic range, infinite upper level


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