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Samsung HS50 Ultrasound Machine

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With an objective to fulfill the demands of our clients, we are engaged in providing a wide array of Samsung HS50 Ultrasound Machine. The HS50 uses Samsung’s innovative imaging engine and single crystal transducer technology to deliver superior 2D and 3D/4D imaging in a wide range of clinical applications.

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Samsung HS50

The Samsung HS50 Ultrasound Machine is a midrange multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound system designed to cover a wide range of applications including obstetrics, abdominal, gynecology, pediatric, small organs, neonatal cephalic, adult cephalic, trans-rectal, trans-vaginal, MSK (conventional, superficial), urology, adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac, and peripheral vessel.

The Samsung HS50 integrates a 128-channel S-Vision Imaging Engine from the HS70A which provides support for a number of high performance hardware such as a 21.5″ LED monitor, a fully customizable 10.1″ LED touchscreen, 3 active probe ports (with a 4th as an option), 3 premium single crystal transducers (CA1-7ADm, CA2-9AD, CV1-8AD), and 2 broad bandwidth linear array transducers (LA3-14AD, LA3-16A). These transducers effectively cover a wide array of clinical requirements, thanks to their low to high bandwidth frequency coverage.

Realistic Vue is Samsung’s leading 3D/4D technology on the market, and is an outstanding fetal-maternal bonding tool similar to GE’s HDlive. The HS50 also supports the unique and automated 5D NT and 5D Follicle features along with XI STIC and 3D XI. These technologies will help enhance the physician’s diagnostic confidence during pre-gestation to pregnancy stages.

On the other hand, the cardiovascular options of the Samsung HS50 are limited since those weren’t meant for the target market. However, its wide linear array transducers and General Imaging features such as Elastoscan, Panoramic, and Needle Mate+ greatly enhance the quality of interventional procedures.


The Samsung HS60 and HS50 are born twins in 2017. The Samsung HS50 Ultrasound Machine has a few more features and transducers; but they both essentially look the same, and have the same imaging and ergonomic tools. In addition, many similarities have been identified with the Samsung HS70A, whose technologies and clinical concepts have been borrowed from the WS80A and the RS80A.

The Samsung HS50 is categorized as a midrange ultrasound system, and is similar to the GE Logiq P9 and the GE Voluson P8. Its General Imaging and 3D/4D options for Obstetrics and Gynecology are slightly better than those of the GE Logiq P9 and are similar to those of the GE Voluson P8.

Samsung systems are known for being great ergonomic systems that integrate “easy-to-use” automated features, as one would expect from the #1 commercial electronics giant. With its recently upgraded “S-Vision system architecture”, the Samsung HS50 becomes quieter, sleeker, and lighter. Its image quality is also greatly improved due to its single crystal transducers and its S-Harmonic, ClearVision, and MultiVision imaging technologies.

Touch customization combined with Samsung’s user interface options greatly increase work efficiency and reduce the unnecessary workload from repeated operations and actions. These interface options include Quick Preset, EZ-Exam+, EZ Compare, Measure Navigation, and Quick Scan.

The Samsung HS series are rich in features for both General Imaging and OB/GYN applications. The major difference with the Samsung HS60 is that the Samsung HS50 does not support some of the in-depth clinical tools like E-Strain and CEUS+. Additionally, it supports a limited number of premium linear transducers such as the LA3-14AD and the LA3-16A. Still, those two high quality transducers and their broad bandwidths are well suited to cover interventional procedures such as breast exams with biopsy using Needle Mate+, a key biopsy assisting feature.

If medical professionals need a system for OB/GYN with premium 3D/4D features in particular, the Samsung HS60 and HS50 are two of the best options in the mid to high-end entry level range of ultrasound systems, competing with the GE Voluson S6 and the GE Voluson P8.

Digital Beamformer
Displayed imaging depth 0 – 38 cm (probe dependent)
Minimum depth of field 0 – 2 cm (probe dependent)
Maximum depth of field 0 – 38 cm (probe dependent)
Continuous dynamic receive focus/continuous dynamic receive aperture
Adjustable dynamic range from 30 to 256 dB
Electrical Power
Voltage 100 – 240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 800 VA with Peripherals
Dimensions and Weight
Height 1,335 ~ 1,710 mm
Width 530 mm
Depth 750 mm
Weight with monitor 79.84 kg ( 176lb.)


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