The warranty policy for this machine only applies to those who purchase from our company, if there is a malfunction with normal use during the warranty period, our company will provide repair services or replacement the unit for free.
The Machine 1 – 30 Days Warranty Return Unit Damage caused by functions in normal use and not due to being dropped, exposed to water, dismantled outside of our service and rooted.
31 – 180 Days Warranty Repair
All Spare Parts 1 – 180 Days Warranty Repair Damage caused by functions in normal use and not due to being dropped, exposed to water, dismantled outside of our service and rooted.
Our Warranty Rules of Return or Repair :
  • Installed, modified, or repaired by a facility or technician not pre-approved by us.
  • Maintained or used in a manner that is inconsistent with the original manufacturer’s and/or our recommended procedures.
  • Damaged through misuse, negligence, accident, or abuse by the buyer.
  • Damage by causes outside of our control, such as moving damage, power failure, or fire.
  • If a functional failure occurs due to quality problems from the lasers machine, Our company will provide a free unit return within 30 days and a 180 warranty repair after receiving the machine.
  • All accessories part warranty period is 180 days after receiving the machine.
  • To receive warranty return and repair service, a valid proof of purchase must be provided.
Warranty Service To be eligible for warranty service, we ask that you do the following within 48 hours of discovering the defective product or part:
  1. Give a warranty notice to us as to which cosmetic laser, medical equipment or parts is not in working order and describe the circumstances relating to its failure. Return items to us for evaluation within 30 days of the warranty notice.
  2. Before returning any product to us, you must obtain a return authorization number. You must return the cosmetic lasers, medical equipemnt or part(s) in their original packaging. At our discretion, we may elect to evaluate and/or service defective items at your place of business.
  3. Upon inspection of the product(s) or part(s), we will determine whether to repair or replace the item or to refund an equitable portion of the purchase price. We will notify you in writing of this decision.
  4. Once a remedy determination has been made, Pratama Medical Supplier will ship the replaced or repaired items (or make them available for pick up) to you or issue a refund.
  5. Similarly, we will arrange and pay for shipping to and from your possession for the warranty service to be performed, provided: You have given warranty notice within the 48 hours referenced above.
  6. In all other situations in which you have given us timely notice and have returned products in a timely fashion, Pratama Medical Supplier will arrange and pay for return shipping during warranty time.