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Philips Affiniti 50 Ultrasound Machine

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Philips Affiniti 50 Ultrasound Machine delivers innovation that responds to the needs of a busy ultrasound department and gives you the confident results you need, in the time you have, every day. Engineered for efficiency and reliability and powered by Philips proven performance, it gets you diagnostic images you need, quickly – even on your technically difficult patients. Its intuitive design and walk-up usability help you provide elegant, efficient care – every day.



Philips Affiniti 50

Philips Affiniti 50 Ultrasound Machine is a shared service ultrasound machine that is designed for high volume with solid image quality for a reasonable price, is considered a budget ultrasound machine that can handle high volume while providing solid image quality. Philips understand the challenges you face.

Philips Affiniti 50 Ultrasound Machine helps you overcome these daily challenges so you can provide the best possible care for your patients every day. Affiniti offers a powerful combination of performance and workflow advances to enhance diagnostic confidence making it the choice of clinicians worldwide.

Philips first launched the Affiniti 50 Ultrasound Machine in 2014 as their new midrange shared service ultrasound machine, replacing the older HD11xe. As of 2016, the machine has not yet had a major revision, and only minor software updates have been released.

Powerful distributed multi-core processing architecture
Up to 4,718,592 total digital channels
Image presentationDepth from 1 cm to 30 cm (transducer-dependent)
Up to 280 dB digital broadband acoustic beamforming
Dimensions & Weight
Height(adjustable, maximum) 1626 mm (64 in), (minimum) 1422 mm (56 in)
Width572 mm (22.5 in)
Depth983 mm (38.7 in)
Weight(no peripherals) 83.6 kg (184.4 lbs.), approx. 325 lbs. with packaging
Electrical Power
Frequency50/60 Hz
Power consumption< 289 VA depending on system configuration

Advanced Transducers

The Philips Affiniti 50 supports a number of advanced transducer options despite being in the midrange price category. The set of available probes is almost identical to the Affiniti 70 with the lack of single crystal transducers being the main difference.

The machine has three mechanical 4D probes including the [2-6 MHz] V6-2 4D convex, the [3-9 MHz] 3D9-3v 4D endocavitary and the [5-3 MHz] VL13-5 4D linear probe. The Affiniti 50 also supports two transesophegeal or TEE probes, the [3-7 MHz] S7-3t pediatric and the [2-7 MHz] X7-2t adult. The X7-2t is an xMatrix transducer but on the Affiniti 50 it only functions in 2D mode.

The machine also has the [5-10 MHz] BP10-5ec biplane endocavitary probe that allows scanning in 2 planes without moving the transducer. Another specialty transducer is the [7-15 MHz] L15-7io intraoperative linear, also known as a “hockey stick” probe for it’s distinctive shape that allows it to fit into tight surgical applications or small parts scanning.

Popular Philips Affiniti 50 Probes

The popular probes for the Affiniti 50 are several thousand dollars less expensive than the popular single crystal probes of the Affiniti 70. The [2-6 MHz] C6-2 is the most popular convex probe for the Affiniti 50 while the [4-9 MHz] C9-4v is the most popular endovaginal.

The [4-12 MHz] L12-4 is the most popular linear on the Affiniti 50 because it is affordable, and strong in both vascular and MSK imaging. For cardiac scanning the [2 – 4 MHz] S4-2 sector probe is the most commonly selected.


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