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GE Vscan Extend Handheld Ultrasound Machine

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GE Vscan Extend Handheld Ultrasound Machine Package Include: Vscan Extend device dual probe,Global AC adapter with interchangeable region-specific plugs,One rechargeable battery,USB cable,Two MicroSD memory cards,Soft case,Guide manual,Hardcopy Quick card,Gel (60g bottle), Distance measurement and Assisted bladder volume measurement (Vscan extend app available through GE Marketplace).

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GE Vscan Extend

The GE Vscan Extend Handheld Ultrasound Machine is a pocket-sized ultrasound with the world’s first touchscreen interface like your smartphone. Not like a previous flip phone style, Vscan with Dual Probe or Vscan, the ge healthcare vscan extend comes in a sector or dual probe configuration. Those two respective sector and linear probe options support similarly to the 8L-RS on the Vivid e, and the 3S-Rs probe on the Vivid e.

The field-of view of the sector probe for black-and-white imaging is up to 70 degrees with maximum depth of 24cm. Color flow sector represents blood flow within an angle of up to 40 degrees. Additionally, the field-of-view of the linear probe for black-and-white imaging is aperture width of 2.9cm with maximum depth of 8 cm. Color flow linear represents blood flow over image with full aperture and entire depth.

The GE Vscan Extend provides the same clinical coverages like the previous Vscan with sector probe and Vscan with Dual Probe including cardiac, abdomen, carotids, thyroid and lungs.

The GE Vscan Extend is a smart phone type that is much familiar with current smart phone users with easy connectivity and a thumb-controllable user interface. One of most improved advantages from the previous Vscan is that the GE Vscan Extend easily integrates handheld ultrasound imaging with the hospital’s wireless network and DICOM – based on documentation and reporting.

Exams can be manually labeled with patient information. The GE Vscan Extend synchronizes on-board DICOM Modality Worklist on request (option available with DICOM configuration). Such worklist supports consistent labeling of images, videos and exams before exporting to DICOM PACS. Archived data is stored in the GE Vscan Extend memory and can be backed up on a microSD or microSDHC card with generic formats: jpg for still frames, mp4 for videos.

All data is stored in examination folders that can be linked with patient information, and can be recalled for review. All saved data will be secured with FIPS 197 compliant database encryption (SQL Cipher with PBKDF2 – based key generation and AES-256 bit encryption).


The flip phone became outdated and now most people are used to living with a smart phone that much more intuitive, simple and fast. The GE Vscan Extend is shaped exactly like your smart phone and provides a similar interface such as tap and swipe through simple screens. Like a smart phone, its extended Apps with larger memory capacity increase clinical utilities and assessment accuracy with easier and more convenient workflow.

The probe, cable and system are one piece like the previous Vscan series, but the ge healthcare vscan extend easily and completely enables to clean and sanitize itself. Otherwise for clinical application points of view and line of transducer sets, it is the same as the GE Vscan and the GE Vscan with Dual Probe. However, if customers in hospitals emphasize the importance of seamless documentation with wireless DICOM data transfer, the GE Vscan Extend would be a good solution.

The GE Vscan series are all-in-one piece types of handheld ultrasound. However, GE’s competitors are moving fast. Handheld ultrasound solutions connected to smart device are getting popular with both wired and wireless functions. One of most competitive personal ultrasounds is the Lumify from Philips. The price point is similar, but the Lumify connects and displays larger resolution image on tablet devices. The other strong competing personal ultrasound is iQ from Butterfly.

Butterfly iQ applies totally new transducer technology with new and unprecedented materials, not using conventional ceramic material anymore. Furthermore, the Butterfly iQ with one probe solution provides linear, convex, and phased array solutions. Only one critical issue of the Butterfly iQ is that it is not yet launched into the market.


Two transducers(sector and linear) or one sector in a single probe

  • Phased array transducer for deep scanning: Bandwidth from 1.7 to 3.8 MHz
  • Linear array transducer for shallow scanning: Bandwidth from 3.3 to 8.0 MHz


  • Cardiac
  • Abdominal
  • Renal
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Urology
  • Fetal
  • Evaluation of presence of fluid
  • Peripheral vascular
  • Procedure guidance for arterial and venous vessels
  • Imaging guidance for needle/catheter placement
  • Thoracic/lung
  • Thyroid and other small organs
  • Long bone
  • Hip and knee joints
  • Pediatric


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