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Mindray M6 Portable Ultrasound System


Mindray M6 Portable Ultrasound System that combines high performance with enhanced image quality across a wide range of clinical applications. It has been a long, challenging path for clinicians to bring high-level standard diagnosis to the bedside for intensive patient care. Up to now, there has been a limited choice of size and performance of traditional ultrasound systems.With health care within reach in mind, Mindray released the new M6, the ideal balanced of capability and size to realize a confident diagnosis at the bedside.

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Mindray M6

Mindray M6 Portable Ultrasound System is a color, portable ultrasound machine that provides state-of-the-art diagnosis capabilities to the bedside for patients in intensive care in particular. National Ultrasound is the exclusive distributor for this efficient and dependable diagnostic tool. It’s ideal for women’s care, cardiac concerns, and several other applications.

Portable, Compact, Light-Weight & Versatile

The Mindray M6 Portable Ultrasound System was designed to achieve an ideal balance between size and performance. Designed to be compact, even on the mobile cart, it fits effortlessly next to a patient’s bedside and can move easily between rooms and even through some tight spaces. It’s also very light in weight, is designed to be carried by hand and comes with a rechargeable battery pack so you can continue with your patient work regardless of circumstances.

Advanced Imaging Technologies

The Mindray M6 Portable Ultrasound System uses several technological advancements to provide top-notch imaging quality. These technologies include: multi-beam formation for enhanced time resolution and frame rate, iClear speckle suppression imaging for sharper edges and smooth uniform tissues, iBeam spatial compounding imaging for enhanced contrast resolution and visualization in a single image, HR Flow for better visualization of tiny vessels and complex flow patterns, and Ultra-Wideband Non-linear (UWN) for contrast imaging.

Workflow Optimization

The Mindray M6 also comes with intelligent workflow features. These features include iTouch functionality to automatically optimize images, Smart Doppler and Intima-Media Thickness, or IMT. The iStation completes the package in terms of connectivity so that a patient can be diagnosed at bedside.

Different Transducers

The Mindray M6 Portable Ultrasound System has different transducers in place to handle different types of specialties. Superficial organs can be properly seen with the high-frequency linear transducer L14-6Ns. Neonatal cephalic procedures are aided with micro convex transducer C11-3s. There are many other examples, but the transducers also come with stainless steel, needle-guided brackets if you wish to pair with our transvaginal transducers.

Included in system:

  • 15″ LCD Monitor
  • B/M/PW & HPRF
  • Color/Color M/Power/ Directional Power Doppler Flow
  • Phased Inversion Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
  • HR Flow
  • iZoom full screen image enlargement
  • iTouch intelligent image optimization
  • iBeam spatial compounding
  • iClear speckle reduction
  • iStation Image Management
  • 1 TB HDD
  • 4D module
  • DICOM Basic and Worklist
  • S-video output and two USB ports
  • Shared service measurement & calculation & reporting packages
  • AC adapter and Li-ion batteries
  • Travelling case
  • iScanHelper


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