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Carestream CS 3600 Dental 3D Imaging Intraoral Scanner


Carestream CS 3600 Dental 3D Imaging Intraoral Scanner include: Case, power supply, USB adapter, software for installation, laptop with installed software and power supply and 3 boxes of scanning tips.


Carestream CS 3600

Carestream CS 3600 Dental 3D Imaging Intraoral Scanner is your choice for clinical excellence. With high speed, intuitive and accurate scanning, you have the power to create vibrant full HD 3D images-helping you achieve outstanding clinical results.

The Carestream CS 3600 Dental 3D Imaging Intraoral Scanner allows you to scan in a continuous and uninterrupted pattern, making dual arch and quadrant imaging fast and easy for both you and your patients. No matter your workflow, the digital impressions you create help to streamline your restorative, orthodontic, and implant planning. With Carestream cs 3600, the way you acquire digital impressions is truly made easy.

Why choose CS 3600?

  • 100% portable system, USB connection
  • 100% open and free system, without any type of quota
  • Capture HD color with clearer and detailed images
  • Heater integrated, No steaming up of the mirror during the acquisition
  • No use of powders
  • Reduced scanning time due to the continuous high scan rate
  • Speed, full-arch impression with bite registration



  • Eliminate disruptions in your workflow
  • Save time while treating more patients
  • Perform a wide range of procedures
  • Open and flexible for any lab setup
  • Improve accuracy, precision and limit manual errors

High-Speed Continuous Scanning: The CS 3600’s unique continuous scanning capabilities significantly reduce the time it takes to acquire a scan. Your patients spend less time in the chair while you easily acquire all the essential data you need to create an impression in record time.

  • Scan in a smooth, uninterrupted pattern
  • Quickly and easily acquire dual arch scans
  • Eliminate the impact of unsteady hands or fidgeting patients between successive views for more accurate digital impressions
  • A broad focal range provides the flexibility you need while scanning
  • Acquire optimal scans without having to keep the scanner at a fixed distance

Any Time, Anywhere Matching: With the Intelligent Matching System, freely complete any missing data in any area at any time.

  • Jump to any position in the mouth at any point in the scanning process to fill in missing information
  • No need to indicate an exact location to the system-move and scan

Different Scans Require Different Tips: Two rounded, interchangeable tips in different orientations help you capture scans in hard-to-reach areas while still considering patient comfort.

  • Both tips are autoclavable to support infection control and can be used up to 20 times
  • The innovative side oriented tip offers the shortest available height among scanners with autoclavable tips

Show and Tell in HD 3D: Full HD 3D color images provide enhanced image quality with more vivid color and texture for better doctor/patient communication and increased case acceptance.

  • 3D HD color better reflects the reality of the in-vivo situation
  • Stunning, highly detailed images provide the precise detail needed for effective automatic or manual margin line identification
    Convenient CS MeshViewer improves communication with laboratories and referrals


  • High Speed Continuous Scanning
  • Fast, Simple and Smooth user experience
  • Freefill Missing Scan Data at your Leisure
  • Scan History allows you to remove excess scanned tissue for more refined final digital impression
  • Three Workflows
  • user friendly interface
  • Autoclavable reusable tips in two interchangeable styles
  • Accurate full 3D HD Color scanning
Sensor technology 1/2 inch CMOS
Illumination LED, Amber, Blue, Green
Field of view 13 x 13 mm
Depth of field -2 to + 12 mm
Anti-fogging technology Actively heated tip, guaranteed non-fogging operation when used intraorally
Cable length 2.7 m (1.8 m + 0.9 m)
Digital Connection USB 2.0 High Speed
Dimensions without cable 220 x 38 x 58 mm for normal and side tips
Weight 325 g (excluding power box)
Handpiece Input 12 V – 2A
Power box 75 x 21 x 21 mm
input: 12 V – 2A
Output: 12 V – 2A
Adapter input: 1-240V ~ 50/60Hz, 600 mA
output: 12V – 2A


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