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2020 Alma Pixel CO2 Laser

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2020 Alma Pixel CO2 Laser include: CO2 Laser System (with Mast), FootSwitch Pedal, Handpieces (See photos), 2 Factory Cases, Power Cord, Key and 180 Days Warranty.


Alma Pixel CO2

The Alma Pixel CO2 Laser is an industry-leading Fractionated CO2 Skin Resurfacing System. The machine fractional ablative laser means faster treatments, better results, and less patient downtime. Treatment time is cut in half with Alma’s Pixel technology. The machine delivers unparalleled precision and innovation to the medical and medical aesthetics industries.

The Alma Lasers Pixel CO2 is a high-powered CO2 laser with the highest quality components used in its design and manufacture, including RF laser tube technology from world-leader Coherent Inc, to ensure the highest level of performance and stability, particularly at low power.
Presenting an advanced computerized precision in CO2 laser technology, the machine emits light energy by a carbon dioxide laser to achieve scar-free tissue ablation, vaporization, incision, excision, and coagulation of soft tissue.

The Alma Pixel CO2 Laser is a high powered laser platform that brings unparalleled precision and innovation to the medical aesthetic field. It is a minimally invasive, highly effective treatment solution for a variety of aesthetic concerns, with substantially reduced risks and improved clinical outcomes.

Alma Pixel CO2 Laser allows for varying degrees of ablation and thermal effect, achieving char-free ablation, vaporization, incision, excision and coagulation of soft tissue. With layer-by-layer ablation and variable depth penetration, the system offers high precision and control, maximizing treatment efficiency and minimizing tissue damage. Combining CO2 laser treatment with trans-epidermal delivery of active topical ingredients using Alma’s IMPACTTM module serves to maintain and further augment treatment results.


  • Results: with high treatment precision and control
  • Safety: with reduced risk of side effects
  • Speed: with fast treatment times
  • Shorter downtime than traditional CO2 applicators
  • Versatility: with a wide selection of handpieces and treatment settings

Treatable Indications

  • Skin Resurfacing
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Scar Revision
  • Surgical Applications


SmartXide DOT is the only CO₂ laser that works through pulsed emission, utilizing two innovative technologies: SmartPulse and SmartStack. The SmartPulse technology and the SmartStack function guarantee maximum reliability in controlling the depth of vaporization and the non-ablative thermal effect on the skin. Minimal thermal damage to the surrounding tissue guarantees rapid recovery for the patient.

SmartXide DOT is indicated to treat even the most complex cases, such as scarring, surface pigmentation and deep wrinkles, tailoring treatments and downtime to the patient’s needs.

Manufacturer Alma Lasers
Model Pixel CO2
Type of Equipment RF-excited CO2 laser
Wavelength 10.6 um
Diode Aiming Laser 650 nm, 5mW
Output 70 watts CO2
Electrical 120 VAC, 16 A, 50/60 Hz or 230 VAC, 8A, 50/60 Hz
Size 21.4″ x 22.9″ x 40.5″
Weight 135 lbs