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2020 Alma Lasers Opus Plasma Laser

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2020 Alma Lasers Opus Plasma laser RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing. Includes: Opus Plasma Hand piece with Carrying Case, (8) Glide Tips, Foot switch, Power Cord, Key, Planning Guide & Teaching Tool, Operator Manual and 180 Day Warranty.


Alma Lasers Opus Plasma Laser

Alma Lasers Opus Plasma laser is The first-of-its-kind fractional plasma technology. Opus Plasma represents a new chapter for energy-based devices, addressing global or localized textural and skin quality concerns often corrected with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers in the past.

  • Operating at a high frequency of over 40MHz, the metal pins on the Opus Plasma tips are super-charged with high-voltage.
  • When in close proximity of the skin, the charged pins react to atmospheric pressure in the air, creating plasma that in turn, creates the micro thermal zones of fractional injuries.
  • Our Opus treatment delivers radio frequency energy at multiple levels to customize a treatment for your specific skincare concerns, using a range of settings to safely and effectively resurface the skin.
  • Able to treat face, neck, decollete, hands, stomachs, etc.


  • We will apply a numbing cream before the treatment to make you as comfortable as possible, but you may still feel mild heat and pressure during the treatment.
  • We also offer and highly recommend a prescription numbing cream.
  • After a consultation, our Nurse will write you a prescription that we call in to Wellspring. This numbing cream is around $40 and allows us to turn up the machine resulting in a much better treatment.
  • Most people tolerate the treatment well.
  • You may experience some redness, but you can go back to your usual routine immediately after the treatment.
  • You will appear to have a sunburn look.
  • Your specialists will talk to you about aftercare at your consultation.


  • We are getting incredible results as soon as the first treatment, however for maximum results we are recommending 3-4 treatments.
  • The results of Opus Plasma Spark are permanent.
  • Natural aging will still occur, so to maintain results you can have a maintenance treatment as often as every 6 months.


  • Fine Lines and wrinkles.
  • Skin laxity.
  • Uneven tone.
  • Unwanted pigmentation.
  • Stretch marks.
  • Acne scars.

Alma Inc announces the North American release of Opus, a new modern aesthetic platform featuring the company’s proprietary high-frequency uni polar radio-frequency technology, Opus Plasma. Reportedly the first-of-its-kind fractional plasma technology, Opus Plasma is engineered to address global or localized textural and skin quality concerns often corrected with conventional fractional resurfacing lasers in the past. It is reportedly the first fractional plasma technology to enter the fractional resurfacing category, according to the company in a news release.

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