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2019 Zeltiq Coolsculpting Machine

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Zeltiq CoolSculpting Machine is the process of eliminating fat cells in the body with the use of extremely cold temperature. It is a popular noninvasive body sculpting technique that takes advantage of the concept of cryolipolysis to remove unwanted, stubborn fat deposits.

Cryoliposis is a medical procedure of destroying and eliminating fat cells with the use of freezing temperature. The process, also known as fat freezing, causes death to subcutaneous fat tissue without damaging the overlying skin and nearby body parts.

Its general application is removing fat from certain targeted areas of the body and is not considered as a weight loss treatment.



Zeltiq Coolsculpting

Zeltiq Coolsculpting Machine procedure is usually performed by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist in his or her office and takes about one to three hours. The area to be treated is marked and covered with a gel pad to protect the skin.

The physician then uses a hand-held vacuum applicator to gently draw the excess skin and underlying fat between two cooling panels. You will feel a firm pulling sensation and may feel mild cold in the treated area. This sensation will dissipate, and the area will become numb (much as it would if an ice pack were applied).

The Zeltiq Coolsculpting Machine process lasts for a predetermined amount of time. It must damage the fat cells, turning fat within the cells from a liquid to a solid. The fat is naturally flushed from your body in the ensuing two months. There is no evidence that the procedure has any adverse effects on levels of liver enzymes or blood fats (such as cholesterol).


  • Applicator Adapter
  • 5 Applicator Covers
  • 10 Straps
  • CoolSmooth Pro Pillow
  • Operator Manual
  • Water Refill Kit
Equipment Class 1
Single Phase AC
Continuous Operation Yes
Voltage 100VAC, 110-120VAC, 220-240VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Current 12A & 7A
Weight & Dimensions
Control Unit 215 lbs, 47.5 (H) x 35 (D) x 24″ (W)
Support Arm 1 lbs, 14.5″ (H)
Upper Module 65 lbs, 17 (H) x 27.25 (D) x 21.25″ (W)
Base Module 150 lbs, 30.5 (H) x 28.5 (D) x 24″ (W)

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat.

It’s called stubborn fat for a reason: no matter how much you eat healthy and exercise, it’s virtually impossible to lose those annoying muffin tops, love handles, and belly pooch. You’re left with two options: live with them or think surgery. Neither is cool by us.

That’s exactly why we developed CoolSculpting. Only CoolSculpting targets fat cells alone, eliminating them in an easy, non-intrusive fashion that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively.

The Cool Solution is the More Natural Solution.

Procedures that use laser, sonic waves and even surgery to remove fat can actually destroy other tissue in the process by burning, shattering or extracting non-fat cells. This requires downtime for your body to heal. Totally uncool. Fortunately, Zeltiq Coolsculpting Machine doesn’t burn, shatter or extract any cells.

Developed by Harvard scientists, our unique, FDA-cleared, patented procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells are frozen.

Your healthy skin cells remain, well, healthy. No knives. No suction hoses. No needles. No scars. Once crystallized, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from your body. In a few months, boom: say hello to a new you.

Minimal Downtime and Lasting Results

Unlike a lot of other procedures, CoolSculpting takes very little time and is pretty simple to fit into your daily life. After your CoolSculpting treatment you can typically get right back to your busy day. Each treatment lasts one hour the same time you might spend at the gym. So you can easily fit your appointment into a lunch break.

After one visit, you’ll typically see a noticeable reduction of fat. It takes a few months to fully realize the effects, mainly because it takes that long for your body to naturally dispose of the fat cells. And yes, you can lose even more with additional appointments if you and your doctor deem it necessary.

So after a few months, your clothes will fit better and you will look better. What’s more, there are no pills or supplements. And as long as you maintain your normal diet and exercise, your long-term results should remain stable. Hello, you again. How cool is that?

The Science Behind CoolSculpting

The CoolSculpting Procedure developed by ZELTIQ is based on sound science called Cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is the result of a groundbreaking discovery by Drs. Dieter Manstein and R. Rox Anderson at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

ZELTIQ is the exclusive licensee of this patented technology and therefore the only company to provide Cryolipolysis. Their initial work, first published in the peer-reviewed professional journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, proved that subcutaneous fat cells are naturally more vulnerable to the effects of cold than other surrounding tissue.

These studies and other clinical research from centers of excellence confirmed that fat cells, when exposed to precisely controlled cooling for a sustained period of time, undergo a gradual reduction and cell death through a process called induced apoptosis

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