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2018 Cynosure Palomar Icon Laser


2018 Cynosure Palomar Icon Laser with MaxG (Vascular and Pigment), MaxR (Hair Removal all Skin Types), MaxYs (Vascular, Pigment, and Finer Hair Removal), & 1540 Fractional (Scars & Stretch Marks). Software Version: 4.20; Total System Pulse Count = 25,948 Pulses; Cynosure Palomar Icon Handpieces Included and Pulse Counts: MaxG = 8,308 Pulses, MaxR = 3,256 Pulses, MaxYs = 325 Pulses, 1540 Fractional = 14,077 Pulses; Also Includes: Skintel Melanin Reader, MaxG 4mm Adapter, MaxYs 4mm Adapter, Footswitch and 180 Day Warranty.



Cynosure Palomar Icon Laser

Cynosure Palomar Icon Laser is A New Era in Laser and Optimized Light Technology. The Icon Aesthetic System offers high peak powers, state-of-the-art cooling, built in calibration, and the Skintel Reader the only FDA-cleared melanin reader resulting in fast treatments with excellent outcomes.

Cynosure’s industry-leading aesthetic platform provides a comprehensive suite of popular treatments for your patients, from hair removal to procedures for pigmentation, vessels, wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks.

Voltage90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz (20 amp circuit required)
Max Power1600 VA
Repetition Rate0.2 – 6 Hz
Dimensions23″W x 22″D x 41″H
Weight135 lbs
Spot Size10 x 15 mm
Cut Off Filter500 & 870 nm
FluenceUp to 80 J/cm2
Max Ys
Spot Size12 x 28 mm
Cut Off Filter525 nm
FluenceUp to 90 J/cm2
Max R
Spot Size16 x 46 mm
Cut Off Filter650 nm
FluenceUp to 48 J/cm2
Max Rs
Spot Size12 x 28 mm
Cut Off Filter650 nm
FluenceUp to 72 J/cm2
Lux 1540
Spot Size12 & 15 mm
Cut Off FilterEr-Glass
Wavelength1540 nm
Pulsewidth10 & 15 ms
Fractional 2940
Spot Size6 & 10 mm
Cut Off FilterEr-YAG
Wavelength2940 nm
Pulsewidth0.25, 3 7 5 ms
Lux 1064
Spot Size1.5,3,6 &10 mm
Cut Off FilterNd-YAG
Wavelength1064 nm
Pulsewidth10-100 ms
Wavelength850-1350 nm
Pulse Length2.5-10 sec.
EnergyUp to 154 Joules

With the Cynosure Palomar Icon Laser, aesthetic practices can provide the most popular treatments, including:

  • laser skin resurfacing
  • laser wrinkle reduction
  • laser scar and stretch mark treatment
  • permanent hair reduction
  • vessel and pigment clearance
  • leg vein clearance

The systems patented innovations include:

  • The Skintel Melanin Reader: A revolutionary device that determines the average melanin density of skin prior to treatment.
  • Power: Delivering a maximum effective energy1 of over 350 joules, the Palomar Icon is the most powerful laser and optimized light aesthetic platform.

Palomar Icon Aesthetic System Mechanism of Action

  • Advanced Contact CoolingTM: Cooling maintains temperature at 5 degrees Celsius during treatments for enhanced comfort and skin protection.
  • Hexagonal XFTM Microlens: High-speed, non-ablative fractional resurfacing with increased surface coverage typically allows for a full face, one-pass treatment in under 15 minutes.
  • Intuitive User Interface: Enhanced user interface features new treatment tracking technology for more streamlined procedures.
  • Calibration: New external calibration for optimal pulsed light performance.
  • AccuSpectrumTM: Dual filters minimize unnecessary epidermal exposure, enhancing client comfort.
  • Photon RecyclingTM: Maximizes treatment results by reducing energy loss.
  • Smooth PulseTM: Proprietary light delivery system that allows for the usage of greater amounts of energy.
    – Maximum effective energy is defined as the spot size x maximum fluence as measured in joules.
    – Versus other leading brands.

Optimized light technology for superior clearance of vascular and pigmented lesions that goes beyond single-wavelength lasers. With the unique combination of Dynamic Spectrum ShiftingSM and dual-band filters, the MaxG provides more uniform heating across the entire diameter of the vessel, clearing even the deepest facial vessels.

1540 Fractional
Fractional, non-ablative laser for skin resurfacing and the treatment of surgical scars, acne scars and stretch marks the only FDA cleared laser for this treatment. The various Microlenses allow for customized treatments; the XF Microlens for high speed, quick treatment sessions or the XD Microlens for deeper penetration to reach tough conditions such as scars and stretch marks.

Optimized light technology for the treatment of unwanted pigmented lesions ideal for the chest, arms and hands. The high peak power allows the removal of difficult to treat finer and lighter hair.

2940 Fractional
Fractional, ablative laser for the treatment of wrinkles and textural irregularities. This one-time treatment provides dramatic results with fast recovery and minimal downtime.

Comfortably clears a variety of leg vessels, from the smaller red vessels to the larger blue reticular leg veins. This handpiece can also be used for laser hair removal on darker skin types.

Optimized light technology for permanent hair reduction on all skin types, including tanned skin. The large spot size quickly covers larger areas such as the back, legs, and chest.

Optimized light technology for permanent hair reduction on all skin types, including tanned skin. The small spot size is perfect for smaller areas such as the face, underams, and bikini line.

The Palomar MaxIR handpiece is an infrared handpiece that is designed for deep tissue coagulation. The MaxIR can be used on areas such as the legs, neck and abdomen. Skin Tightening, Non-Ablative Skin Rejuvenation, Body Contouring. Infrared heating on areas such as the neck, abdomen, and legs, and soft tissue coagulation.


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