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Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primemill Machine

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CEREC takes another big step forward with the introduction of Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primemill Machine, a brand-new grinding and milling unit from Dentsply Sirona. Fabricating chairside restorations is about to get easier and significantly faster. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, a wide range of restorations can now be manufactured with more speed and outstanding results.


Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primemill

Dentsply Sirona takes another step forward with CEREC Primemill Machine, empowering dentists to provide and experience superior chairside dentistry. With its innovative design and features, the New CEREC Primemill sets a whole new range of standards in chairside dentistry. Reach unprecedented quality results in single-visit dentistry, thanks to the New CEREC Primemill combined functionalities, speed, convenience and versatility.

Dentsply Sirona CEREC Primemill Machine utilizes state-of-the-art technology and CAM strategies to produce premium chairside restorations easier, faster, and more precisely. With a broad range of material options from Dentsply Sirona and other validated partners, the treatment of multiple indications is possible.

Your advantages at a glance

CEREC Primemill makes dental milling faster, easier and more predictable. Its user-friendliness and technical features make practice integration remarkably easy.

Short milling and grinding times
Mill CEREC Zirconia+ restorations in around five minutes to cut valuable process time. Fast grinding mode is available for glass and feldspar ceramics as well as hybrid/composite blocks.

Ease of integration
Integrate and delegate dental milling with ease thanks to user-friendly touch interface that guides you through every step of the workflow as well as through key maintenance procedures and other routine tasks.

High quality restorations
CEREC Primemill delivers outstanding restoration margins and surface details, so you can offer patients extremely precise, esthetic results. Extra Fine milling is available for an even higher level of detail with occlusal fissures and interdental areas on bridges.

Broad range of indications
With CEREC Primemill you can choose materials from almost 50 validated partners and manufacture multiple indications including crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, bridges, abutments and surgical guides.


A combination of new electronics, software, motors and mechanical components contributes to finer resolution and enhanced dynamics. This results in outstanding restoration margins and surface details – for extremely precise results. The new highly accurate 0.5 mm milling tool reliably delivers first class clinical results. Switch to Extra Fine milling mode for a higher level of detail with occlusal fissures and interdental areas on bridges.


Engineered for speed and precision, the new CEREC Primemill inherits the proven strength of its predecessor and raises its powerful performance to entirely new heights. You can now mill zirconia restorations in Super Fast milling mode in around 5 minutes, cutting processing times by more than half. The improved grinding mode for high quality glass ceramics also grinds the material faster than its predecessor. The result? Satisfied patients and high productivity.


The new 7” touch interface with user guidance guides operators step-by-step through the workflow, key maintenance procedures and other routine tasks, so you can delegate milling with complete peace-of-mind. The integrated block scanner is a time-saving new feature that automatically scans material blocks with compatible data matrix codes and records the information, including type, size, color and zirconia enlargement factor. All CEREC Primemill tools are fitted with a color-coded RFID chip that is read by the RFID tool reader, feeding into the tool status display, alerting the user if a tool needs replacing. This ensures all tools are performing at optimal levels.


Welcome to a world where you‘re spoiled for choice! The new CEREC Primemill combines wet and dry milling and wet grinding. No matter the indication, with CEREC Primemill you can select from a broad range of material options from validated partners providing the flexibility and predictability you need to offer patients the best possible treatment. Choose from the full spectrum of machining options, including dry and wet milled zirconia, or wet grinding of glass and hybrid ceramics.


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