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2021 BTL Emsella Kegal Chair

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2021 BTL Emsella Kegal Chair, includes: BTL Emsella Operating Unit, Lower module chair, Base Unit, Power Cord, Controller, All Applicable Accessories Banners, Advertising products and 180 Day Warranty.


BTL Emsella Kegal Chair

BTL Emsella Kegal Chair is intended to provide entirely non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation of pelvic floor musculature for the purpose of rehabilitation of weak pelvic muscles and restoration of neuromuscular control for the treatment of urinary incontinence in women.

  • Results and patient experience may vary.
  • As with any medical procedure, ask your doctor if the procedure is right for you.


BTL Emsella Kegal Chair is an innovative development in the field of pelvic health, changing women’s and men’s lives across the world. Using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic, (HIFEM) technology, BTL Emsella is one of the easiest, most relaxing, and non-invasive treatments available to help reduce urinary leakage and dribbles, and free women and men from incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

By the time you come in for a BTL Emsella treatment, you will likely have weak or atrophied muscle support around your pelvic floor. This is what causes many women and men to suffer embarrassing urinary incontinence or decreased sexual satisfaction. Strengthening these muscles, and helping them to become tighter will go a long way in improving the patients’ quality of life.

With BTL Emsella you don’t have to think about whether you are doing it right. Under the direction of your specialist clinic, you need only sit comfortably and wait out the treatment. There is no discomfort and rather than have to work on it every day, or twice a day, you will only need twice-weekly appointments.


The most common type of incontinence is stress incontinence, which happens when the pelvic floor muscles become weaker. Usually the pelvic floor muscles wrap tightly around the urethra, holding everything together, after childbirth and the menopause, the muscles can become weaker causing incontinence.

This means that the muscles don’t wrap so tightly around the urethra and bladder, and can relax at some inconvenient times, leading to embarrassing leaks! Prostate surgery can also result in incontinence in men so here at Estrada Clinic, we help people from all walks of life and having gone through all sorts of trauma with the powerful Emsella Chair treatment.


A common treatment for stress incontinence is Kegel exercises which gradually strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by regularly tensing and relaxing them. These can be effective, but are time-consuming and difficult, with slow progress, and for women with particularly weak pelvic floor muscles, are often not possible.

Traditionally, Kegel exercises have been recommended as the most effective non-invasive means of improving pelvic floor muscle strength. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many to identify the correct muscles to work on and maintain the necessary focus. Consequently, the success rate with these exercises can vary anywhere between 30-90%. For those with more severe forms of incontinence, Kegels are not helpful.

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