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2018 BTL Aesthetics Cellutone Machine


2018 BTL Aesthetics Cellutone Machine vibration cellulite reduction; Excellent Operating & Good Cosmetic Condition. Includes: System, Handpiece and 180 Day Warranty.


BTL Aesthetics Cellutone

BTL Aesthetics Cellutone Machine is a non-invasive treatment that is indicated for cellulite reduction and improvement of skin texture. BTL Aesthetics Cellutone uses the power of vibration to reduce the appearance of cellulite and give you tighter, younger-looking skin.

Using the power of targeted vibrations, Cellutone works to eliminate the main factors that cause cellulite formation by enhancing micro circulation and oxygen supply in affected are. The result is a considerable improvement in the skin appearance caused by increased blood supply and removal of excess interstitial fluid.

Who is this procedure right for ?
BTL Aesthetics Cellutone Machine treatments are safe for patients of all ages and skin types who are suffering from any form of cellulite and or want an additional effect to other non-invasive body shaping procedures.
What is the recommended treatment? To achieve optimal results, we recommend six treatments twice a week. Ideally, a patient can complete the package in three weeks.

What kind of results can I expect ?
The treatment helps significantly improve the appearance of cellulite and the overall skin texture. Patients have reported visible improvements after a single session.
Are there side effects or any down time? There is no downtime with Cellutone. You can easily have the treatment during your lunch break and return to your daily activities immediately.

How long does it last ?
Great question! While this treatment will not yield permanent results, many patients see an improvement after one treatment. Everybody is different and factors that influence results include age, lifestyle, nutrition, genetics, etc. We recommend a follow-up appointment in three months so we can determine the next steps based on our assessment and your individual needs.

Maximum Input120 W
Mains Voltage24 V DC
Equipment Protection ClassII
External Exchangeable Fuses1xT6.3AL.250V, tube safety fuse 5 x 20 mm
Main Unit Weightmax. 7.0 kg
Handpiece Weightmax. 900 g including cable
Main Unit Dimensions (WxHxD)320x190x280 mm
Handpiece Dimensions (WxHxD)40x280x140 mm
International Protection RatingIP 20
Applied Part TypeBF



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